Buzzle helps you win markets, not just individual deals.

Buzzle watches your Gong, Chorus, and Zoom calls for you, helping you surface customer and market trends affecting business outcomes. Buzzle is your constant eyes and ears to the market, constantly monitoring all conversations for new trends, objections or pain points.


Connecting to the tools you already have

Built with security and ease-of-use in mind.

Native call recording integrations.

One click CRM connectivity.

Learn what really matters.

Our models are built to understand your company: how your messaging is resonating, what pain points your customers have, and what ads your prospects thought were most impactful. Stop spending time engineering the right search, and focus on the right opportunities.

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Buzzle asks the hard questions.

Want to go beyond talk-time ratios and start using your recorded calls to drive and quantify initiatives at your company? Buzzle lets you ask the tough questions like “What’s going on in all of these deals we’re losing?” or “Why is our competitive win rate coming down?”

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