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For the curious.

$1000 /month


Unlimited Contextual Trackers

Includes tracking for 20 call recorders

2 report types included



For the scaling.

$2500 /month

Everything in Starter, plus

Includes tracking for 50 call recorders

3 report types included

3 months of professional services

Sentiment Analysis


For the battle-hardened.

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Everything in Pro, plus

Includes tracking for 100 call recorders

4 report types included

6 months of professional services

Support ticket analysis

Automated Voice of Customer Mining

Frequently asked questions

Isn't this just that other call recording company?

No. Buzzle sits on top of systems like Gong, Chorus, or Outreach, giving you a different view on those same sales calls. Sales tools like those can help you understand sales process, but nothing specific around your company. Got questions about how your messaging is resonating? Or what objections are most dangerous? No insights there unless you watch the calls yourself. And that's where we come in. Read more about why we've partnered with the best machine learning labs on Earth to solve this problem here.

What is a report?

A report is a collection of records that are organized in a particular way based on certain user specifications. Want to understand what happens in wins vs losses? Build a Funnel Report. Want to look into instances of customer voice? The Voice of Customer report is for you!

What's a call recorder?

A call recorder is anyone who is actively recording calls in whatever call recording system you are using - for example, a BDR doing outbound calls in Outreach, or an AE doing demos in Gong.

What if I'd like to add more call recorders to my current plan? Or an additional type of report?

Any plan can have additional recorder licenses or report types added for an additional monthly fee.

What about Automated VOC and Sentiment Analysis? Do I need the respective plans to add those?

Every plan includes Automated VOC and sentiment analysis free for the first 60 days. Any plan can have these functionalities included beyond that time frame for an additional monthly fee.

What if I have two different call recordings systems for my sales organization?

Buzzle can integrate with multiple call recording systems (i.e Salesloft for BDRs and Chorus for Account Executives) in our Ultimate plan. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer annual discounts?

Yes - contact us for more details.


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