Elevate what conversational intelligence can mean for you.

Get access to the metrics you really care about.


Built from what you have.

Before we look at our conversation, our models are first taught the unique characteristics of your product, customers and personas - quick and easily.


Getting smarter everyday... just like you.

Buzzle continuously learns from your conversations to give you the freshest possible data.


Data Dump → Treasure Trove.

Your sales team is already recording their calls, let us make them actionable.

Become operationally remarkable 💎

As a product or marketing leader, you need answers to questions specific to your company, product, and organization: What parts of your roadmap are customers talking about? Which messaging strategies are leading to funnel progression? How should you position, define and build features broken down by demographics and personas?

All of that data is locked away in recorded customer calls, but no one has the time to listen.

Different insights, same data.

Buzzle Reports help you make sure you're squeezing every last drop of insight from all your customer conversations. Serve sales, marketing, product, and more with business-boosting metrics - all with a click of a button.

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Conquer the Unknown with Automated VOC Mining

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