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Plugged-in Product Marketing

Access to the feedback loop your messaging deserves.

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Connected Marketing

Make market-message not only a possibility, but a reality.

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Empowered Product

Enable initiatives with customer driven justification.

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Targeted Sales Enablement

Coach with confidence, enable with information.

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Understand Messaging Adoption & Performance


Track and Iterate on Messaging

Messaging not working? Positioning not sticking? Find out in seconds, not months. Buzzle analyzes every call for you to make sure that customers are responding to messaging the way you want them to, and tells you instantly when they aren’t. Messaging is iterative, and Buzzle can help you build faster feedback loops.

Debug Your Funnel

Having fall off at a certain stage? Trying to understand what to deliver each market segment at what stage? Let it all pop out automatically using Buzzle's automated reporting. With Buzzle Reports, product marketers can spend time driving action from the data, rather than wrangling SQL to get it.

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Market Message Fit is on its way


Stay on Top of Your Market and Personas

With Buzzle's automated persona mapping and market reports, our analysis of your sales calls can help you generate more MQLs with more targeted messaging and empathetic value propositions.

Validate Story Telling

How does that story resonate? Does it drive sales or conversion? Buzzle analyzes conversation at the granular level necessary to turn a marketing story into quantifiable levers. With Buzzle reports, you can find the perfect configuration.

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Meet the customer where they already are


Surface Product Pain

Do you want to know what customers are saying about your product? Buzzle tracks mentions of your product features, pains, and complaints through customer conversations. Strategize product development while considering the input of every single customer.

Query Conversational Data, Live

Hear something from a CSM, and want to see how ubiquitous a feature request, product objection, or feature bug is? With Live Querying, you can query historical conversations as things get surfaced, making sure you don't have to wait for new conversations in order to gather the data you need.

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Become the coach you were meant to be


Validate Adoption

Trying to build that perfect & cohesive narrative for your organization? Find the right opportunities to course correct and bring your revenue organization onto the same page. Enable sellers with the "why" behind your enablement and coach smarter.

Coach for Wins

Wins are where the rubber meets the road, and Buzzle is built to get you there. Buzzle Reports give you the data to apply the right enablement pressure. Find the best opportunities to help your sellers demolish their sales goals.

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