How does Buzzle do it?

An Addition You Need

Already have a call recording solution? Perfect, we integrate right in. Why do you need Buzzle in addition to what you already have? That's a good question...

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Peerless Machine Learning

We really mean it. Partnerships with Deep Learning labs, published research, Buzzle means business.

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What makes Buzzle different?

Isn't this already possible?

Tools like Gong or Chorus support trackers. They even let you search for trackers. However, for marketers, product marketers and product managers to gather the insights they desire, this is all too basic. How do you search for the new messaging idea that sellers are supposed to leverage? How do you search for a pain accounting for all of the ways that a customer may describe the pain? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you search for what you don't know?

What makes Buzzle different?

Buzzle will never start with conversation. If we want insights as if a marketer or product manager was listening, we have to get our models to listen the same way that they would... That's why Buzzle starts with your company data to build contextual trackers. Our trackers search for intent. Our trackers search for the meaning behind a statement. What does that enable? Buzzle finds the pain, in all of the ways a customer may voice it. Buzzle identifies messaging while giving sellers the flexibility to deliver the statement the way they know best. Best of all, Buzzle builds reports that put all of these results right at your fingertips.

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Straight from the lab, Buzzle's ML Advantage

Picking the Right Starting Point

It's not a surprise that there is so much insight locked away in customer conversations. If you want to generate insight from these conversations, it makes sense to start with them, right? At Buzzle, we disagree. Our cutting edge ML approach starts with the content or verbatims you already have to help our models learn what matters to you and your company. As a result, after our models learn about your company or product specifics, they listen to recorded calls the same way that you would!

Partnered with the Best

Our efforts to stay on top of the latest in machine learning don't stop when you leave company HQ. In an effort to keep our models bleeding edge, we've partnered with the best. Buzzle works in partnership with Mila, one of the world's leading Deep Learning research centers. Lead by Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award Winner, 2018), Mila assists Buzzle with Natural Language Processing research.

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